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We are a family team who have lived in the East Arnhem region for over 30 years. During that time, we have operated local businesses across various industries, including security, fitness, food, commercial cleaning, fleet detailing and property maintenance.

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Who we are

LOCALS SUPPORTING LOCALS | east arnhem land, nt

Over the years of living in the region we have naturally acquired valuable knowledge and business experience across various industries. Being local and supporting locals in our community is one of our many passions and how we show our community spirit. Currently, we operate the gym “Gove Buff Club,” a food van, “The Dog House,” “Sour As Salty Plums’ and a security business.  Check out our site to learn more, visit our social media pages and be sure to reach out if you’d like to work together. Cheers, Mareva and Dan.

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Our Businesses

Our company currently offers security to fitness to food. Click below to find out more on each of these businesses!

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Buff Club Pty Ltd

Most affordable iron gym in town 

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Baru Security

Local security firm servicing the East Arnhem region.

Sour As Salty Plums

The Dog House

 Mobile Catering delivering delicious food options, also available for hire. 

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Sour As Salty Plums

 Supplier of NT grown dried foods. 

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Pearse Projects

Specialising in remote property land and business support.


Sour As Salty Plums

The People’s Advocate

Local magazine for the people by the people. 


The People's Advocate Spread
The People's Advocate


The People’s Advocate is a publication that has been created to breathe life back in our society and create a platform for the people of East Arnhem Land. Here, you’ll be able to share perspectives, knowledge, understanding, increase community awareness, celebrate wins, and address concerns at grass roots level. The People’s Advocate is a 100% locally owned, written and published. Similar to the region, this magazine is the first of it’s kind, unique and raw, right to the bone, in hope that community, together, can challenge the status quo. The People’s Advocate has been created by locals, for locals.

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Mum’s the Word Campaign

Mum’s the Word is a campaign that demonstrates how corporate boys’ clubs, such as the National Rugby League (NRL), are committing negligent, unlawful, and discriminatory acts against mothers and women alike. We created this campaign to get support to apply pressure to ensure organizations fulfill their duty of care, moral obligations, and are directed to comply with the law to protect the welfare of our children. Flip through our digital brochure below to find out more!


We pride ourselves on helping many people within our community. Here’s what they have to say about working with us at MDS247.

“I recently employed M & D Services to waterblast the outside of my home. Dan did a wonderful job. He was thorough, taking the time to remove screens and helped with the moving of heavy objects to get underneath-not just going around them.  He did such a good job that I asked him to come back the next day to maintain the garden which was also done quickly and neatly. Very reasonably priced. Was on time and good communication. I am happy to recommend M & D services”. 


“It is a pleasure to work with M&D Services, they are prompt, professional and deliver good value for money and are always willing to attend at short notice”.

M. Niven


“I was extremely happy with the water blasting and cleaning. It was noticed and complemented by all staff and parents”. 
Childcare Centre



Do you have a project you’d like to reach out to us on? Reach out to us with any questions you might have! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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We operate local businesses in the East Arnhem region across various industries, including security, fitness, food, commercial cleaning, fleet detailing and property maintenance.