A Mother’s Work is never done

Mum’s the Word is a campaign that demonstrates how corporate boys’ clubs, such as the National Rugby League (NRL), are committing negligent, unlawful, and discriminatory acts against mothers and women alike. We created this campaign to get support to apply pressure to ensure organizations fulfill their duty of care, moral obligations, and are directed to comply with the law to protect the welfare of our children. If you’d like to read more, click the image or button below!

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Mum’s the Word Campaign

Mum’s the Word is a popular English idiom. It’s related to an expression used by William Shakespeare, in Henry IV, Part 2. The word, “mum,” is a slang version of momme, which was used between 1350-1400 in Middle English with very close to the same meaning: Be silent; Do not reveal.

Mum's the Word Logo

Campaign Author

Mareva Pearse

For the past 25 years, I have been the primary caregiver to my three children, all of whom are indigenous. I have lived and worked in a remote community for 30 years, became a young mum at 16 and, to date, my children are my proudest achievements.

I was born in Queensland in July 1980, home-schooled until the age of ten, and completed my schooling in the Northern Territory in November 2001. Due to the negligence and unlawful acts of multiple organizations, my moral compass has compelled me to shine a light on how government organizations fail to protect children in their care, time and time again, as well as blatantly violate mothers’ and women’s rights alike. Read our publication below!

Our Publication

We’ve created a digital publication that goes into detail on the issues we’re addressing, a history of the abuse from multiple organizations, a summary of the impact it’s had on me personally, and how you can help us in our fight. Click through our publication below to find out more!

How you can support

There are multiple different ways you can support the Mum’s the Word campaign.


Send us your story, images, or any information that will support our campaign to protect our children. Email us at


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Help us spread the word by sharing our story with your friends and family on your social media accounts.


Donate your time, advice, or financial support. If you’d like to donate, use the bank details below. We can offer a tax invoice on request. Thank you!

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